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The Boho Manifesto
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Bohos are perhaps best described as a group of trust-fund artists, broke charismatics, leisure scientists, office-averse entrepreneurs, surfer-environmentalists, and/or bon vivant partiers who lead seminomadic, unconventional lives. Their approach to life is based more on creativity than on money, but having a few rich friends with homes by a good surf break doesn´t hurt. Instead of in a luxury hotel, you might find a boho camped out in a tepee in Ibiza, or in a yurt in Mongolia wearing an Oaxacan serape and Valentino espadrilles. It´s definitely fun to live vicariously through the lens of these fabulous individuals--learning what they wear, where they travel to, what they do in their leisure time--and with The Boho Manifesto, it´s finally all accessible. Here we learn about the New Mindfulness, including how to enter a state of ´´flow´´ and why to use mala beads, palo santo sticks, crystals, and mandalas for meditation. Topics in the ´´Body´´ chapter include AcroYoga, sound baths, natural deodorant, Tantric sex, and beauty botanists. When it comes to food, it´s all about the new hyphenated cuisine--´´cold-pressed,´´ ´´grass-fed,´´ and ´´free-range´´--along with backyard foraging and fermentation. When it comes to work, it´s about coworking spaces, laptops in paradise, microgurus, and never again committing to a 9-to-5 job.

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